SOLVED: Vista does not recognize iPhone

First, the background. My lovely wife got me an iPhone for my birthday. Yes, I love her! :) Well, I was supposed to get it on my birthday — the XXXX of XXXX, if you were curious — but my “inquisitiveness” got the better of us and I ended up finding out about my present in the umm… present? Did I mention I loved her? ;)

Second, a brief review. With a never-ending list of news articles, commercials and talks in social gatherings around the iPhone, to the point that many are sick of hearing it’s name, I can say that after having used it for a few days, all the hype around it is in fact true. I’ve used many smartphones in the past, including WM5/6, Symbian and Palm OS powered phones. FWIW, the HTC Hermes (Cingular 8525) with Windows Mobile 6 is my favorite combination. That is, until I got the iPhone. The phone is very slick with both the hardware and the UI (user interface) far superior than it’s competition. Not to mention, the many cool applications it offers out of the box — you can use it as an iPod, take advantage of it’s seamless integration with YouTube to watch your favorite videos on the fabulous VGA screen, and if you’re “curious” like me, run a ssh server or web server on it (!).

Finally, the issue that cajoled me into writing this post. Among other things, the biggest problem I had had with my iPhone was to make it work with one of my laptops, which was recently upgraded from Windows XP to Vista. Note that the phone worked just fine with other computers running Windows XP and Max OS X. So, after spending many hours of installing/uninstalling iTunes, monkeying with the system registry and everything short of duct taping the darn thing, I’ve finally figured out a way for iTunes on Vista to recognize my iPhone. Ultimately, the problem turned out to be the default drivers loaded by Vista (!). Because of which, the phone was actually recognized by the OS, but was in fact only usable as a camera to import/export pictures. I fixed it by going to “Device Manager”, right clicking on “Apple iPhone” under “Portable Devices” and selecting the “Update Driver Software”. The appropriate drivers are stored under “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple”. After the successful driver update, your iPhone will happily show up under the “USB Controller” indicating that the phone is ready for action. I’ve found many people having similar problems online so I’m hoping this post will save you some duct tape :) If it does, do not hesitate to leave a comment or two.

By the way, I’m still on a look out for a good exchange client so I could get my work emails (with push mail?) work on the device over the air, and a “task manager” so I can kill unwanted tasks/processes. Got any suggestions?

Edit: Removed birthday for security reasons


  1. avatar mcrilf Says:

    I was hoping this would solve my problem (same problem – iPhone also not showing up in iTunes), but when I hit the ‘update driver’ Vista told me that it was already using the best / up-to-date version….and still no joy with the iPhone showing up

    Any ideas?

  2. avatar Ankur Shah Says:

    That’s odd. The steps I mentioned in my post worked like a charm for me — twice, on two different PCs. Is your copy of Vista up-to-date with all MS updates and fixes?

  3. avatar Rick Says:

    Amazing. Thank you for that all the way from New Zealand.

    Mcrilf, i think the reason yours failed is because you told Vista to look for the replacement driver automatically instead of manually specifying the location.

    To force the intergration of the drive, remove the current from within device manager then add the drive the thread author mentions.

    Easy easy.

    Thanks again author

  4. avatar Joel Says:

    You are a savior. This problem popped up for me during (literally) a firmware update and your solution worked like a charm. Much obliged.

  5. avatar Brad Says:

    Worked like a charm. Too bad Apple can’t seem to put these same instructions on their website. THANKS !!!

  6. avatar Doug Says:

    Nice job. I’ve spent the last 4 hours trying to get my iPhone to be recognized in iTunes after the 1.1.3 update. This works, thanks!

  7. avatar Nacho Says:

    For ,crilf:

    You need to tell windows where the drivers are located. If you let vista do the upgrade automatically, it thinks it has the right drivers, because they are the ones on the MS database. When given the choice, after selecting to upgrade the drivers select choose location (or something like that).

    Ankur, Thanks so much for the solution!!!

  8. avatar Ankur Shah Says:

    No problem, I’m glad I was able to help. Thanks for visiting and leaving such nice words!

  9. avatar Philip Says:

    Thank you so much!!! After spend countless sleepless nights poring through the apple support forums, you have helped me fix the problem!!

    Thank again for your help!!!

  10. avatar Nick Says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you!

    I was pulling my hair out getting ready for format my system and go back to XP.

    Microsoft really f’ed up Vista and it clearly shows.

    Your fix worked flawlessly for me and once again thanks.

  11. avatar Tyler Glan Says:

    Wow! I am so happy. It hs taken me 3 days onan off with tech suppo. It is so awesome how thecomunity has more stions thn the Iphone tslef. Thank you so much author.

  12. avatar Tyler Garland Says:

    Sorry about the first post. My wireless keyboard was being stupid.

  13. avatar wgdkelly Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! For the many HOURS spent on the phone with different reps at apple, I finallyyyy have a resolution! I almost duct taped my computer and through it out the window!! I haven’t been able to enjoy my phone since Christmas!!! Your advice only took me a few minutes…Give your wife a kiss for me for giving this gift to you…if she hadn’t, I would probably still be pulling my hair out!

    I still hate Vista!

  14. avatar leonardo nieves Says:

    been trying this for about an hour and a half with no luck. i work for att and i think ill just take my laptop to work tomorrow and play with it. nothing i can really do now its kinda late. oh wellz.

  15. avatar uknow731 Says:

    This fix worked like a champ for me as well. Vista showed it was using a vista driver (2006) not the apple driver (2007).

    Thanks for the tech support!!


  16. avatar Donner Says:


    This is why I love the internet. I spent an hour goofing with this issue. Past experince has tought me to google all problems and an answer will appear.

    Thank you!

  17. avatar Newyorker Says:

    Thanks u just made my day it worked great ur the man

  18. avatar CJ Says:

    Thanks a lot….I read apples bit about how to fix it…and all it does is help you identify you have a problem, but doesn’t tell you how to fix it beyond “re-install itunes” – which obviously doesn’t work…

    thanks again

  19. avatar DW Says:

    Worked perfectly! Thanks a ton!

  20. avatar Mark Says:

    GREAT! Sitting here in Amman, Jordan trying to get my iPhone to work with Vista Home – thought I would only be able to work with my XP system on my other computer….unloading/loading new iTunes did not work…this DID! Thanks for saving me the duct tape expense.

  21. avatar Yehlen Says:

    You saved my day! I was ready to go to the Apple store and demand an exchange. I slaved away for 8+ hours and your advise was the only one that worked. Many thanks.

  22. avatar John Cornwell Says:

    You are a god. I’ve been trying to fix this issue under Win XP for almost two hours. Your fix was well down the search list in Google, and nowhere on the Apple site. On the one hand, I’m really irritated that Apple does a poor job with Windows software, and an equally poor job with support. On the other hand, I’m lucky to have found your post. So thank you!

  23. avatar Daniel Says:

    Excellent post. Worked great and saved me hours.

  24. avatar Ricardo Says:

    Hey worked! Thanks for saving me so much time!

  25. avatar chuck Says:

    I’m so glad I ran into this post! I had already uninstalled/reinstalled iTunes…I don’t know how many time…following the instructions directly off of Apple’s support website. (

    You would think that they would include this procedure somewhere in their support documentation!

    Well, again, thanks for the help, I was reaching for the duct tape myself!

    Oh, also, I went a few steps further in the folder tree that you mentioned:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

    When you right click on the device (under Portable Devices in Device Manager), instead of selecting:

    Search automatically for Updated driver software

    you should select:

    Browse my computer for driver software

    Then hit the browse button and go to the path I mentioned above.

    VOILA! It should install your iPhone under the Universal Serial Bus controllers in Device Manager.


  26. avatar Laure Says:

    I’m having this exact problem but this solution isnt panning out. I followed the directions listed here exactly but I dont have an apple folder in common files, only an ipod folder. And that path ends up saying everything is peachy-keen and leaving me the way I was. Does anyone have the actual name of the driver so I can search for it without pathing?

  27. avatar Ian Walker Says:

    Thank you for your solution. Couldn’t work out why my laptop could see iPhone and yet iTunes would not display it; as you suggested it had defaulted to a driver which only saw the device as a camera rather than an iPhone in all its glory!

    Saved me a ton of time…many thanks.

  28. avatar Nick Says:

    Thanyou so much,
    I love my iphone and for some unkown reason it would not be recognised on a usb, now I can finally use it properly. Much love

  29. avatar Bennett Says:

    Now I’m having the opposite problem. Itunes recognizes the phone fine. But Windows does not see the device as a camera/storage device. Thus I cannot download pictures taken with the phone. I really don’t want to email myself 200 pictures of my new baby!

  30. avatar Bennett Says:

    Ok, I went into the device manager and found the iPhone. Went to reinstall the driver manually, but vista didn’t find the driver in the place you specified. I mockingly clicked “Let windows find and install the driver for you” knowing that is just something Vista says to make you think it is working. To my amazement vista found the correct drivers and installed them. Although now two iphones appear on the device list, and they show different sets of drivers. I won’t ask questions as long as it keeps working.

  31. avatar Ben Says:

    I’ve been searching for this solution for a while, and I’m not sure why it took me so long to find your post. But all I can say is, “You are the man!!” Thanks for the tip!

  32. avatar ugur arcan Says:

    I had the same problem with Bennett where I was ok with iTunes but couldn’t get to see the phone as a camera. Simply uninstall the iPhone while plugged to the Vista and then unplug it. When you re-plug, it will automatically install the drivers and works great. Thanks for the post!

  33. avatar Mike P Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – I tried Apple support, searching the web, searching the apple site, and nothing worked. I simply was the driver was not right.

  34. avatar michael w Says:

    roughly one year later and you are still helping folks with this post! Thanks – this was a happy ending to a frustrating few hours trying to fix this after a vista and itunes update!

  35. avatar Jeff Says:

    Happen to me as well. This worked perfectly. Thanks!

  36. avatar Will Says:

    Another success story thank you

  37. avatar Dave B Says:

    You are a genuis Thanks heaps a simple solution to a common issue


  38. avatar miele Says:

    Thanks. This worked for me as well. But is vista to blame here? this seems more an itunes installation flaw. And the apple documentation is also useless.

    One thing: When pointing to program files\common files\apple\mobile device support\drivers and selecting the usbaapl.inf file, i initially got an error that the digital signature of the driver was not ok, and vista did not accept it.

    So what i first did was trying to add new hardware and adding a new driver as a “portable device”, because the iphone appeared in that area.
    After a few reboots (copyright microsoft) and reading some apple tech doc (yes, its not all useless) i found out that the driver should not show under “portable devices->apple iphone” but under “usb controllers->apple iphone.

    I think that the digital signature says something about the TYPE of device.

    So using another method to update the driver (by selecting the wrong microsoft-iphone-driver and hitting “update driver” in the driver tab) actually DID work because this also moved the driver to the right location (usb controllers). Magic!

    WOW. After 12 years of “plug and prey” windows hardware installation is still as hopeless as ever. I wonder if microsoft ever gets its driver system right.

  39. avatar gordon Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share this. It worked.

  40. avatar Randy Says:

    Nice job. Searched for days, to find a fix. This did it. Thanks.

  41. avatar Jason Says:

    Oh my god you don’t even know how much this helped!!!! After installing/uninstalling iTunes five times, I started getting really frustrated. The thought of losing my iPhone was scary, and this worked great! Thank you :D

  42. avatar josh Says:

    anyone know what to do with phone showing is a unknown device? Mine will not show anything but that.

  43. avatar Pauldo Says:

    OMG!!! You are AWESOME!!!

  44. avatar Michael Says:

    You so rock!! Problem solved, another satisfied customer. Thanks!

  45. avatar lainey Says:

    You are a GOD! Thanks so much for this, I’ve spent most of my day trying to figure this out with so much hair tugging and file tweaking and uninstalling I thought my brains my leak out of my ears.

    Thanks again!!!

  46. avatar Quinn Says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I just go my iPhone three days ago and it has been driving me NUTS! This worked out perfectly.

    Thanks again!

  47. avatar Gav Says:

    Thanks so much this problem has been bugging me for ages with people saying you need to download USBAPPL.SYS what aload of crap.

    Thanks Again

  48. avatar Andre Says:

    Hi, I am still having trouble with this. If I try and update my drivers like advised vista says I already have the latest drivers and wont update any furuther.
    If I then disable the drivers my Iphone wont even register when pluged into my computer and if I uninstall the drivers the computer just reinstalls the ones that dont work.

    If someone can put up a link for the proper drivers I will download it and install manually from a file and it should fix it

  49. avatar Leslie Says:

    I am having this problem with Windows XP. Out of nowhere the PC pops up an error message that the “USB Device Not Recognized and one of the USB devices has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it.” I have an iPod touch and several other ipods that I use on this PC and I have no problems with them. Will the “fix” that you discussed concerning problems with Vista also work with Windows XP? I am becoming very frustrated with the phone that I absolutely loved not more than a month ago and really would like to remedy the problem. I can’t even get it to connect in order to update it.

    Can anyone help me?

  50. avatar Jackson Says:

    Amazing. Completely. Worked like a charm. Thanks so much.

  51. avatar Alon Says:

    After sanding a lot of hours trying to solve out the problem – reading a l?t of post, your post solve the problem in 2 min.

  52. avatar Michael D Says:

    Bloomin’ marvellous. I’ve spent hours trying to sort this out. It was partially masked by another problem, possibly caused by the upgrade to v8.1 of iTunes.

    I couldn’t find where the device under USB Controllers in Device Manager, or where drivers were kept, but this worked straight away.

    Thanks again,


  53. avatar Jeremy Says:

    Like so many others, I’ve spent literally hours trying to solve this exact problem and had little hope that this fix would actually work. Why would it? None of the countless others I tried did any good.

    Incredibly, my iPhone is back, recognized by Vista and happily syncing with my computer, even as I type this.

    Thank you so much!

  54. avatar Jim Says:

    …..thanks a million, solved the problem instantly

  55. avatar Joe Guynan Says:

    Finally a posting that has solved my problem. Thank you so much.

  56. avatar Jonathan Says:

    God Bless You! Really!

  57. avatar Matt G Says:

    This lead me in the right direction. I just intalled itunes, hooked up the phone and had no joy…

    What got it to work was to uninstall from device manager, replug the iphone (still installs the wrong driver but thats fine) I hit scan for hardware changes and thats when it recognised it as an iphone without telling it to install the driver (for some reason I can not locate the drivers in the specified directories)… Thats also when I realised it said to install the 64 bit version of itunes… Yeah I feel stupid now for not noticing that.

  58. avatar Ricky S Says:

    Thanks. That worked. We need to get you to the top of google, as it took a while to find this.

    Wish Apple would put this on their site.

  59. avatar Tony D Says:

    I made an appointment with a tech support at the Apple store and the guy had no idea why my iPhone was unrecognizable on my laptop. After following the instructions on the site…problem solved. Thanks!

  60. avatar Dan Says:

    I Love You!!!! I spent ages trying to fix my iPod. Was thinkin for a second that i would need to format drive and start again. Thank you!!!!!

  61. avatar tami Says:


    I was about to go postal. I have been troubleshooting this issue for several hours now. Once I FINALLY inserted Vista into my search I found you, happy days, it worked. I HATE VISTA and it will soon be removed.

  62. avatar Michael Says:

    Thank you so much!!! I tried for 5 hour to fix my iphone, i was going to return it to apple. Even technical support were not able to help me! Thank you for helping me fix the problem!!

    Thank again for your help!!!

  63. avatar th Says:

    Thank you soooo much! I haven’t been able to update my iPhone nor register my new iTouch in months!!!

  64. avatar DB Says:

    Excellent! Worked perfect, please thank your lovely wife for me. She did a good thing by putting the iphone in your hands.

  65. avatar Richard Says:

    The tip here didn’t quite work for me, but was **dead right** as to the underlying problem.

    I had to plug in the iPhone, delete the iPhone driver in the devices screen, uninstall everything Apple (Safari, iTunes, Apple Software Update, Bonjour, Quicktime) and delete the ipod and itunes folders in program files, then shut off the firewall, reinstall iTunes, open it, and **only then** disconnect and re-connect the iPhone. iTunes intercepts Windows Vista’s assignment of the camera driver (I guess) and gave it the right driver. iTunes had to be open though when I did this for the correct driver to be assigned.


  66. avatar Michael Chylinski Says:

    I did not read thru all the posts. I tried the update thru the apple folder and thru the internet and it did not work. While the phone was plugged into the usb I deleted the driver. Then unplugged it from the USB. Then plugged in back in again and let Plug and Pray load the new driver. VIOLA. If someone already offered this solution too. Sorry ;( my bad.

  67. avatar iPhone and Windows Vista « Dominic O’Connor Says:

    [...] first thing to check when your OS is behaving unexpectedly, and a quick Google search brought up this blog.  My experiences were slightly different than his, so I thought I’d share them [...]

  68. avatar Debty Says:

    Ahaan… I will follow.

  69. avatar Val Says:

    I have been messing with this all day and was just on the verge of throwing my laptop or slitting my wrists!!! Thank you!!!!!

  70. avatar Peter MINTO Says:

    I have at this for months now. I am still having trouble but now know abit more about what is happening. Vista installs my iPhone as a camera, and when I go to update the driver, it tells me that the digital still camera driver is the most up to date (or something like that) Everything I tried wont let me load the apple driver, (Which I can see sitting in the folder as you described). Can someone please help me here.

  71. avatar Coolinla Says:

    Ankur, you save my bacon! I love you man… I’ve been trying google and yahoo searches for hours and I randomly came across yours. I have Windows XP and used the C:/ProgramFiles/CommonFiles/Apple/Drivers folder and after unlocking the iPhone, it popped right up. Now I have a screen that popped up that asks me to restore as previous or set up as new… Hmmmm… I think I ‘ll run a couple of more searches so I don’t screw this part up.

    I agree, Apple should have a decision tree with some of these most known solutions. I reloaded iTunes, upgraded, etc… Their knowledge base and online trouble shooting support sucks!

    Thanks again.

  72. avatar Tony and Kathryn Says:

    2009 and Vista still sucks!! Just successfully used your post to get it to recognize the camera, thanks a million. PS make sure to uninstall driver and then scan for new hardware for those who keep getting told “the driver is up to date” even after manually pointing to the device.

  73. avatar Hapishyguy Says:

    Hi ankur Bhaiya

    your advice had worked for others but it has not worked for me. When I go in device manager I don’t see it saying as iPhone. I see it saying as some camera device. And then when I try to point it to manually look for driver to common files/apple, well I don’t see any foldersaying apple in common files. I uninstalled the driver and plug the phone back again and it installs the driver by itself and in the device manager says as some camera device but not as iPhone. Hel me out. Thanks

    harprit Singh
    hapishyguy @ hotmail

  74. avatar Allisa Says:

    Thank you so much!
    I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem for the longest time and this was the only blog that helped. You have no idea how happy I was when I read this and got my iphone to work with Vista!

    Thanks again!

  75. avatar Milton Says:
  76. avatar sandra407 Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  77. avatar Ab21 Says:

    ok so i tried this, step by step, and it still reads it as ‘digital still camera’ and nothing else works… i have iTunes 9 and my iphone is running on firmware 3.0.1

  78. avatar Ben Says:

    Thanks very much. :) The original post and comments helped me finally get my iPhone working with Vista 64. :)

  79. avatar Noah Says:

    Worked awesomely!!! Hey Ab21, I have iTunes 9 on XP and this totally fixed it. I would try installing iTunes again and then trying this. Woot woot so excited!!!

  80. avatar chris Says:

    i love you!
    have not been able to find a fix for this until now:)

  81. avatar itchard Says:

    I know I am a couple of months since the last post… but…

    I had this problem, and I found the solution, but finding the solution

    causes another problem.

    I seem to be in a situation where my iphone can be recognised by iTunes…

    OR it can be recognised as a digital camera.
    I can’t get it to do both at the same time. Which is ridiculous.

    Im on Vista, and with some tinkering in the Device manager, I can get my

    iphone to be recognised in PORTABLE DEVICES… this lets me connect to the

    iphone as a device and remove the photos that I want to. Picasa will also

    pick up the photos if I want it to. Which is great…… but then…

    itunes doesnt recognise it.

    Basically, to get it recognised in itunes, as CHUCH said, you have to

    right click the Apple iPhone Portable device driver… select UPDATE


    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

    This installs the driver… Open Itunes… and iTunes can now sync..

    BUT… this now stops it being recognised as a camera.

    Anyone else having the same problem???

    Or once you have solved your problem can you do both the itunes Sync and the open it as a device.

    This is Driving me mental !

    Any help.. much appreciated !

  82. avatar itchard Says:

    Apologies to CHUCK..(Not CHUCH). As I managed to mess the spelling of his name ! *sign* told you it was driving me mental !

  83. avatar Luke B Says:

    I tried various flavors of what was offered above and after much frustration found a solution that may work for others as well. For me, trying to uninstall drivers and look for the right ones never worked, because Vista kept telling me, “No, this thing is a digital camera, and that iPhone driver just isn’t right;” or something to that effect. Until… with the phone plugged in by USB, I uninstalled it through device manager. Then, leaving the phone plugged in, I opened iTunes (8) which immediately (and finally) recognized it. So I guess the key is to have iTunes open when you plug the phone in, Vista 64 users. That’s what worked for me, anyway.

  84. avatar Crystal Says:

    Like Luke B, I’ve tried millions of variations on every offered solution. The problem for me is the same: Vista just keeps automatically installing the digital camera drivers, and refuses to update to the proper iPhone drivers. If I uninstall the iPhone through device manager, iTunes doesn’t launch, and if it’s already open, it freezes. From what I’ve read elsewhere, the key problem is that Vista Home edition doesn’t allow you to override Vista’s choice and install your own drivers. Does anyone know of a way around this? I haven’t been able to sync my iPhone now for about 2 weeks, and I’m completely stuck. Please help!

  85. avatar Gabe Frank Says:

    Dear Ankur,

    Thank you so much, I’ve been trying to solve the problem with my iPhone for weeks, could not find anything at the apple’s website.

    Now iTunes is recognizing again my iPhone thanks to your advice.


  86. avatar Tiff888 Says:

    SERIOUSLY THANK YOU! hours and hours and finally after a month of not being able to synch my phone with itunes (it stopped after an update using the browse in device manager to the common files apple mobile drive worked!!! THANK YOU!!

  87. avatar Matthew Says:

    Worked like a charm!
    Please send this info to apple’s support site, it was lame! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  88. avatar Mats Says:

    I was thinking of returning my iPhone to the store until I ran into this web-site. It fixed my problem, and now I can keep using my belowed iPhone!

    Thanks a lot!

  89. avatar Sean Says:

    You Sir are a genius.
    Been pulling my hair out over Ipod Touch not being recognised in itunes but showing up in portable devices for a couple of days following a Vista update. Yours is the only solution that worked. Have bookmarked this page for future reference!
    Thanks so much!

  90. avatar Paul Says:

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to get my iphone to show up for weeks since I got my new computer. It was showing up as a camera only not on the Universal Serial Bus controllers. Once I change the driver it popped right up. Thanks so much. You’re a true gentlemen and scholar sir.

  91. avatar bonnie Says:

    tried to install new driver. Did not work. Now when i open up device manager – portable devices does not appear. My computer still does not recognize my iphone. Unable to import pictures from my iphone to my computer. Help.

  92. avatar Praneet Says:


    here is the problem I am facing. The first time I plugged in my iPhone to my Vista 64, it recognized it as a camera and installed it. After that one time, now when I plug in, Vista does not detect anything. I have NO PORTABLE DEVICES in my device manager and iphone is not listed in USB or anywhere in the device manager. I have the mentioned Apple folder in Program Files- Common Files. How do I update it when it does not show iphone?

  93. avatar Praneet Says:


    by fluke my iphone is now working on vista 64. it is shown under both portable devices and under USB. it is being perfectly seen in iTunes as well. all i did was, uninstalled all Apple programs, deleted folders from program files and program data, and the usbaapl file from system32 folder. randomly after 2 restarts vista suddenly detected it but could not find the driver. then with the device plugged in, i installed iTunes 64 bit and all drivers got installed automatically. I did not use the procedures mentioned above. Thanks anyways

  94. avatar Arron Says:

    Thank you so much! I had to replace my Iphone and the new one wasnt being cooperative with Vista, while the old one (same model, everything else the same) had no problems. Apple support didnt even know this would work, I had them on the line while following your instructions. Thanks again!

  95. avatar benharrison Says:

    hey guys,
    sorry this may seem stupid but this site has come the closest to a possible fix for me. when i go into the program files, i dont actually have an apple folder, its called “apple software update”. Any help with this would be extremely appreciated as iam at whits end!

  96. avatar Ade Says:


    Loads of great advice, but i’m still pulling my hair out, just can’t seem to get it to work. Followed all of the above with no joy. Apple and windows should pull their fingers out and sort this issue once and for all !! Any other idea’s or help would be great. What ever i do the only driver vista will install is the same wrong one!!!

  97. avatar michael Says:

    hi there everyone,

    may i just say that without this advise i would not have sorted my problem i would have just give up. i too tried everything mentioned but still didnt fix the problem in hand as i could not find the apple folder anywhere but what i can say is that after trying 2 leads i found that when i tried a 3rd lead borrowed from a friend this fixed the problem so it may sound silly but it fixed the same fault mentioned in my case!!!!

  98. avatar Rik Says:

    Thanks so much for your help. I tried goin 2 the apple store but they couldn’t do update the driver for some reason. I almost traded it in but forgot the receit at home as well because i was so annoyed

  99. avatar BoSaoodi Says:


    Thanx 1,000,000

    now I can enjoy the remaining of the day, it took hours and hours trying to find a solution.

    again thank you

  100. avatar Maui Says:

    The driver update didn’t work for me, so I unistalled the driver for iPhone and USB Mass Storage (both under Portable devices) rebooted, plugged my iPhone and now it works!!!


  101. avatar SaidWhat Says:

    Thanks Ankur and Maui 3/8/10, this finally worked after doing the uninstall/reinstall

    A fuller set of instructions about how to uninstall the driver and then get it back is at

  102. avatar Mark Cornish Says:

    After the past year and a half of dealing with not being able to ever synch / add new files to my iphone, I ran a couple google searches and saw your article.

    Thank you so much.

  103. avatar Hattan Says:

    Ankur Marvelous Solution!

    Even today since you published your solution in yr 2007, it still valid and solved my problem!

    I’ve tried all the official website from Apple and Microsoft, but without a clue!

    Thanks so much it worked like a charm!

    I wish you happy life!

  104. avatar in the noise Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Many thanks. I have been trawling through the Apple support pages, to no avail. I have been messing about with registry keys and start up nonsense.

    Your fix set me straight in no time at all. Once again thank you.

  105. avatar Hughesie Says:

    Think I have a solution if this didn’t quite work. I’d been having same problem of iphone not syncing, showing up as a camera etc. When I went to device manager as above, I could select to manually look for a driver but Vista would still tell me that the camera one was the best. Finally got this working by uninstalling the driver under portable devices, it still showed up under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” and then went to “Administrative Tools\Services” and restarted the “Apple Mobile Device Support” and “Bonjour” services and it started syncing straight away. Not sure if it will work again next time but I have one sync so far!

  106. avatar zie Says:

    Hey! Thank you so much! Your blog really helped me! :D It soled my problem! :D
    I hope you’ll have a good life! :D

  107. avatar Sam Rose Says:

    I dont have a problem with my itunes seeing my iphone 4 but i do have a problem with the actual computer seeing it so that i could drag photos off of my iphone. Any suggestions for that?

    Thanks Sam

  108. avatar Sam Rose Says:

    Nice one!!!

    Just did the same as Hughesie suggested and this worked for what i was looking for.
    Many thanks to you both.

    Thanks again Sam.

  109. avatar Tamzan Says:

    Thank u so much, it worked!

  110. avatar TGC Says:

    This solved my problem I’d been battling for two days on the first try. Thanks for posting.

  111. avatar Frank Says:

    perfect solution, thanks

  112. avatar Sara Says:

    And in 2012, still works! I had uninstalled the driver and reinstalled to fix a problem with the phone not being picked up to upload pictures to the computer, but the change to the driver stopped itunes from recognizing it… but now it once again is not being recognized my the computer to upload pictures!!!! urgh! Why can’t I have both now, it used to work just fine, doing both things with no issues… Thanks for the fix for the itunes issue!

  113. avatar Jan Shellenberger Says:

    I was just ready to try all this (we ran out of duct tape) but first I went to control panel,clicked on Apple Mobile Support Device, and “repair.” The digital still camera driver, which had failed to install for the past weeks, quickly installed… and all my copious problems disappeared.

    Reading all this good advice gave me the courage to continue to find a solution. I add my thanks to Ankur and all of you.

  114. avatar Samuel Says:

    Wow, I’ve been installing a d uninstalling iTunes over night but no fix, about thanks to u I was able to fix it, even after setting the path to apple it still told me it was up to date so I clicked on ‘LET ME PICK FROM A LIST OF DEVICE DRIVERS ON MY COMPUTER’ and wholla ‘apple mobile device USB driver’ appeared…..selected it and now my iPhone Appears in iTunes……Thanks Author

  115. avatar Abud Says:

    What if apple folder doesnt exist? What should i do next? Please help…

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